At Ticket Design we offer a range of services to suit your needs. For us no project is “big” or “small” for we enjoy challenges at every level.

Our services include Product, Packaging and User Experience Design


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Products that are eye catching, easy to use, and efficacious require a deep understanding of the consumer psyche besides technical and design skills. We endeavour to bring innovation to everyday objects that positively touches the life of everyday users.

Projects we have worked on include: 35mm Camera, Solar Casserole, Children’s moulded products, Polaroid Instant ID Camera, Deep Freezers, Air Conditioners, Packaged Perfume design and Cosmetics Packaging.

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New-age technology provides a different level of challenge and the need to provide creative, integrated solutions with very compact products.

Some projects we enjoyed working on include: Communication Mobile Devices, Wireless Electronic Data Transfer product, Mass Battery Charger, Digital Identity Card Machine, Point of Sale Terminal and Digital Imaging Console.

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Designing Medical equipment needs pushing technology to the limit and using communication tools to make these critical devices highly reliable and compact besides being easy to use.

Some of the projects where our industrial design skills were put to the service of medical needs include: Intra Uterine Devices, Biopsy CT Scan Assistive Devices, Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Dental Scaler, X Ray Machine, ECG recorder design, Cardio Stress Test TreadMill design and ICU multiparameter monitor.

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Working on some of the most demanding of products that move, take on the weather and need to be safe and comfortable, provides a unique creative challenge. Ergonomics is indispensable as is the understanding the needs of the users at varied levels.

Projects we have worked on include: Automotive Car Seating system, Knockdown Tractor Cabin design and Premium Bus/Train seats.

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Our experience of designing in this area has not been limited to just point of sale products and systems, that invite the customer and encourage indulgence. Our expressions not only attract and entertain but even provide modular all-weather shelters.

Projects include Modular Moulded Living Shelters and Moulded Fibre Reinforced Vending kiosks.

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Projects include Retail Display - HLL, Phil Center, Perfume Packaging, Ele Products, Digital Imaging Station, Retail Country club.


Product Design, Product Styling, Application Development, Design adaptations to match the market feedback, Systems Design, Applied ergonomics and interface design, Product accessories, Retail display, Packaging, Technical illustrations, POP packages, Product graphics