At Ticket Design we are driven passionately by our user centered design processes and we believe our key value addition in any project is delivered as an outcome of our uncompromising process and quest for a meaningful solution.

We follow our 3L Process for opportunity mapping and design


Screenshot 2014-05-11 18.01.05

Observe closely, look for the cues, understand the problem, absorb, synthesis


Screenshot 2014-05-11 18.01.11

Listen to all that is spoken, unspoken with the ear close to the ground, discover new


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Experience the problem or scenario in person, live it


Through our Design Process we ensure that every project is given a thorough check at every level. The process ensures that a product idea goes forward only if it is creatively and technically sound.


We follow following major steps.

Research (3L- Look, Listen and Live)


Concept Development

Technical Development

Prototyping and Validation





User and Usage Scenario definitions.

Understanding the market, need and target users.

Study of the product, its functioning and critical analysis.

Developing flow charts to illustrate typical usage.

This helps in creating a set of common assumptions and give a direction for design work.



This is the phase where we put all our creative energies together.

Generating concepts for the product/ system, through exploration of form, function, color schemes, ergonomics, alternate use and materials.


Concept Development

These are initially sketches which later get translated into computer generated colour renderings.

Selected concept/s are detailed for realisation. Final visual form and functioning detailed for easy translation


Technical Development

Engineering detailing to make the product ready for assembly and final production


Prototyping and Validation

Prototype development provides an insight into the design as represented in the physical form closest possible and working



Support for T1 inspection, debugging and ensuring product works smoothly as designed