Identity for a fresh fruit snack brand

An exciting new brand for a young, healthy, nutritious range of fruit based products.

Fru2Go is a new 100% natural new fruit based product brand designed for the Indian multinational Jain Irrigation Company. A  product from the Indian farms, by Indian farmers, for the modern Indian family.  Designed with a fresh approach of “fruit on the go” to provide a healthy snacking alternative to the on the go new Indian consumer, the brand naming, identity and packaging design was created to offer a lively, fun and delightful user experience. A unique cool new, headphone-dhaari, shades-dhaari character frutosaurus engages users with different adventures across different flavours  FRU2go’s child-friendly and accessible packaging makes it easy to consume for children and for that matter for anyone looking to enjoy a healthy fresh fruit snack. Follow the fun at this brand website or on this Instagram account.

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