Celebrating Devanagari

A good brand and package synergy becomes a symbol of value and quality for any brand. This project celebrates the Indian Devanagari script as a key visual identity element for the brand.

A new line of products from Paras Dairy needed a completely new positioning and branding outlook. Paras Dairy collects milk from 7000 villages and process to create a wide variety of products ranging from milk, yoghurt, cheese, paneer, lassi, chhach, rabdi and so on. In order to create a new fresh brand presence a bold approach was used. Devanagari (Indian script) calligraphy was created as a central defining element for easy identification of the product for the target audience.

It also positions the product as a desirable product in the retail spiking consumer interest. A new packaging structure for the entire range also offered differentiation. Overall we attempted an integrated experience with a refreshing combination of brand language and packaging design.

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