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Shield is a continuous fresh fragrancing ;odour control product designed for public spaces.
Preventing theft and creating an elegant design was a challenge. The product uses solid high grade stainless steel construction and uses ergonomics to prevent any easy grip on the device. It is a new anti-vandal and tamper-proof continuous air freshening system that gives protection and security with an elegant aesthetic, for a continuously fresh environment.

The product uses a new medical-grade innovation to harnesses the power of pure oxygen to deliver continuous, consistent ambient fragrance.

  • No harmful emissions, solvents or propellants.
  • Low VOCs mean it is ideal for green buildings and LEED&certification requirements.
  • Oxy-Gen Powered refills can reduce the amount of VOCs being emitted by up to 90% when compared to aerosol cans.
  • The refill is 100% recyclable and safe to dispose of in your regular plastic recycling waste. Less waste, safer storage.

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