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750 million people or 60% of India does not have access to adequate sanitation facilities. Open defecation has serious long-term health impact. In India, each year, 3 Lakh people die from diarrheal diseases. Poor sanitation plays a role and children under five are the worst affected – World Bank Development Indicators, 2016.

The product is earthworm based tiger toilet designed for a decentralised way of providing sanitation for public. In many parts of rural India, the absence of toilets leads many people to defecate in the open which releases fecal pathogens into the environment. These pathogens eventually find their way into drinking water and food and result in nearly 700,000 childhood deaths. In fact, diarrhoeal disease is the third leading cause of childhood mortality worldwide.

As it stands, too much of the conversation around sanitation is focused on toilet construction. To make a real difference, the solutions need to focus on becoming effective waste management systems.

The product is worm-based digester system converts fecal sludge into compost in 10-12 hours turning human waste into incredibly effective fertiliser. It is 30-40% cheaper than Pit latrine based toilet system. 99% pathogen free effluent.

Design challenge involved creating a usable ergonomic toilet, improve handling during construction and usability for the end users. The Digester was designed as a modular system that plugs into the superstructure.

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