UC's indigenous water purifier range

Design of a new Water Purifier Range

Urban Company, a prominent Home Solutions Company, has ventured into the home products business with the ‘Native’ water purifier. This product line includes two models: M1 and M2, designed to cater to the specific needs of urban Indian homes. Ticket Design worked with the Urban Company team to design this new breakthrough range.

Design process 

The Native Water Purifier range has been designed with a deep understanding of the Indian consumers and end users, their usage habits, pain points and unmet needs.

Both the versions of the product,  basic and smart versions share a common design language and molds, making it modular to accommodate different user requirements.

The design process followed the 3L approach: Look, Listen, and Live. This involved immersing the design team in multiple Indian cities to gain a deeper understanding of user needs and conducting detailed analyses of competitor products. The team experienced the entire lifecycle of the product, from installation to daily use, maintenance, and servicing. This hands-on approach allowed them to identify design opportunities and create user-friendly solutions.

Innovative features

The Native Water Purifier offers a range of innovative features, such as volumetric dispensing and phone app connectivity in the advanced M2 model. It also boasts a 10-stage water purification system that ensures the removal of all impurities, delivering safe and clean drinking water.

The purifier’s design anticipates and addresses common challenges facing consumers. Filter replacement is only required every two years, reducing expenses and environmental impact. Volumetric dispensing prevents water wastage and spillage, contributing to water conservation.

Captivating design
The Native M2 is designed to captivate users with its sleek, minimalistic aesthetic. It combines a futuristic mirror finish in piano black and brushed silver, making a striking statement in contemporary kitchens. The product offers three preset dispensing modes and a breathing LED indicator that reflects its connectivity status.

The Native Water Purifier by Urban Company embodies innovative design thinking, combining functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability to meet the needs of modern Indian homes. Its user-centric approach and industry-first features make it a valuable addition to households, enhancing the quality of life and contributing to a sustainable future.

For more information and easy access, the product is available on the Amazon Store: Native Water Purifier

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