Advanced Designs
Advanced Designs

Advanced Designs

Projects that require a fundamental investigation of the cause and problem area and require advanced level of intervention in terms of deep user research and high level of prototyping need be handled differently.

In the increasingly commoditised market a design differentiated product makes all the difference. With prices remaining the same, a unique consumer experience, a relook at the problem area and bringing to the table a disruptive solution becomes paramount. We work with our clients to deliver such solutions. These projects involve high level of experimentation to prove an idea and realize an appropriate delivery mechanism.

Our services in this domain include

Deep Dive: A deep user research to uncover latent needs understanding consumer behaviour.

Deep Prototyping: High end mechanism oriented delivery concepts that combine the digital and the physical.

We have been working with leading companies in this area to introduce a game changing solution in the market. Outcome of these projects have often realised as a unique intellectual property asset for our clients. Be it a new way of dental care, dispensing liquids, washing fabric, medical device dispensing or controlling air conditioners.

We lookout for such challenging projects and have the ability to see these projects through as a team.

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