Modern look for premium brand

Edible oil is a 20 billion USD market in India. Consumer market is evolving from ‘loose’ sale to packaged to branded. Consumers are worried about ‘PURITY’ adulteration and pollution of the food they buy for their family. Health is now a core driver. There is a growing concern about quality and purity of food.

Wagga Wagga is a new brand launched in the Indian market to cater to this growing market with a focus on getting natural products straight from the source from anywhere in the world, First of its products is edible oil sourced from Wagga Wagga region of Australia, hence the brand name. Wagga Wagga products have no chemicals, source is non GMO and all are sourced from select natural fields across the world.

The product packaging has been designed as a desirable new alternative to a modern upwardly mobile Indian family.

• Pure, Pristine and Natural, Chemical free, Non GMO

• Health and Wellness – Products with clear health benefits

• Premium Quality – In Processing and Packaging

The design challenge was to create a design that would stand out distinctively and attractively on shop shelves, disrupting a mundane category. The packaging also needed to bring to life a core aspect of the brand – purity, hence the transparency and visibility of the product to the consumer. Being an everyday usage product, features to make it more convenient to use such as off center neck for easy dispensing, flow control, and usage markers add value for the consumer. Finally, a modern, fresh look to convey and support the premium of the brand & products.

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