Hokey Pokey is a young startup ice cream company that offers ridiculously good rich & creamy ice-cream targeted at the young audience. We worked with the company to create a packaging that can stand out, breakaway from the conventional round mundane containers. Result of this six month long project was a bright three sided packaging.  All flavours have unique colour coding to bring in  fun, brightness & cheer.

A striking visual language now serves as an identifier for the brand. Our attempt was to break away from the convention with a bold new triangular form. A three sided triangular form is new for the ice cream category

The packaging was designed for reusability & extended life. Consumers are encouraged not to throw the package after use. We observe people using it for all kinds of uses ranging as a storage container to using it as a pot for gardening. We believe that the original idea of making the brand make an early connect with the consumers & have a strong recall value has been achieved by the striking new form that places Hokey Pokey as a premium quirky brand.

"Hokey Pokey as a brand is recognised today by its packaging, one of the first triggers consumers have when they hear Hokey Pokey is the striking triangular shape with its unique color. Sales went up 30% on a m2m basis post launch" Rohan Mirchandani, CEO, DrumsFood.

This design won the IndiaStar Design award for the year 2017. India Star is a national initiative by Government of India run Indian Institute of Packaging to celebrate the best of packaging design in India. Winning products go on further for AsiaStar and World Star awards. Read More