Ticket Design wins two India Star awards

The IndiaStar award is the Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP), Mumbai’s National annual award for the best innovation and technological advances in packaging design. Categories include Consumer, Commercial, Eco-Friendly, Food, Pharmaceutical, Transport, and specialised packaging materials.  TICKET DESIGN received two awards in 2017, one for BASF Crop Care Products, and one for Hokey Pokey ice cream product.

Crop Protection Packaging BASF

BASF manufactures crop protection products for use in farms for agriculture purposes. The winning product addresses a nagging challenge of identifying an untampered product and reassuring farmers on their choices. A tamper evident Cross Seal mechanism has been designed to solve this problem. Our aim for the packaging has been to empower and help farmers choose a genuine product without any confusion.

Illiteracy is high, direct communication through product design works. We found that farmers often face a challenge knowing if a new bottle has been tampered or not. This was a latent need tapped & converted into a tamper evident packaging. New proprietary bottle shape with a identifiable crowned an integrated measuring cap also separated the leader from the ‘also ran’ in the market.

Premium Icecream Hokey Pokey

Hokey Pokey, a young startup ice cream brand based in India offers ridiculously good rich and creamy ice cream targeted at the youth. A bright new packaging has been designed for this quirky brand.

Conventional ice cream packaging is rather mundane. A three sided container with unique colour coding for each flavour brings fun, brightness and cheer to the user experience. A new experience of handling, consuming and communicating reuse ideas for the packaging.

“Hokey Pokey as a brand is recognised today by its packaging, one of the first triggers consumers have when they hear Hokey Pokey is the distinctly coloured triangular shape. Consumers are able to identify the brand in retail display from a distance without even seeing the name. It clearly is distinct. Sales went up 30% post launch of the new packaging from a month to month perspective” – Rohan Mirchandani, CEO, Drums Food International Read More

About the awards

The Institute of Packaging (IIP), with the standing of last 51 years instituted “INDIASTAR” Awards in 1972 to promote and encourage excellence in packaging design, innovation and sustainability. This year the programme has attracted a record 622 entries, out of which the juries have picked Best of the Best for this Award in Jury Meet held on 04-05 August 2017 at IIP-Mumbai.

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10th Aug 2017