Multiplay Internet Device

India’s top telecom company and one of the top 10 Asia Pacific companies, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has launched its multi-play service, in association with MKCL (Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd.) and Divinet Access Technologies, offering Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) and video-on-demand (VOD) to its broadband customers in Pune. Industrial Design and engineering for IPTV consumer electronic product has been done by Ticket Design.

The Product

The product is a new generation intelligent interactive device that acts as the gateway to a host of services offered on the BSNL Multiplay network. This device  connects to a television set on one end and the telephone modem on the other end to bring 100 plus cable channels, video on demand, video conferencing, television to television SMS, high speed internet and e-classes right onto your living room.

The Challenge

The challenge for Ticket Design was to break away from the clutter of dumb set top boxes, create design differentiation to set the product apart in the commoditised consumer electronics landscape, create a  distinct presence and offer simplicity of usage.


In order to arrive at a solution that is useful for all stake holders of the design which included home owners, elderly, children, housewives an extensive study was conducted to understand their needs and requirements. From these studies, the interface, product packaging and feature parameters were explored and defined, establishing the foundation for preliminary concepts and sketches. The result is a product that is useful for all members of the family; easy to use for elderly too due to its large icons and controls, something lacking in mainstream consumer electronic products in the market.


The product is distinctively different in its styling with its raised and evolved stance. It has a simplified intuitive user interface. Care has been taken to ensure easy usage for the elderly as well as teenagers. The product has host of connectivity options like USB, headphone, audio, video, LAN located at the back in a single panel. The product uses engineering plastics and has been designed for high volume production. The product is being currently commercially sold by BSNL and available to all its broadband customers

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