Premium fans for the discerning users

Ticket Design and Crompton teamed up to design a premium fan series that offer consumers new contemporary silent fans.

The Challenge

Ticket Design and Crompton team collaborated to create a premium fan series that combines a silent product with a contemporary look.

The Process

We conducted a pan-India multi-city ethnographic study and stakeholder engagement to gain insights into the needs and wishes of the end users, potential new opportunities related to interior decor, aspirations of families, style preferences and current challenges.

The Outcome

Sculptural and elegant, Blossom Fan combines blades with a light source in an organic fluid-like fashion. The symbiotic relationship between the three blades and the lamp is inspired by natural flora. This fan was designed with a refreshing visual language with the aim of meeting the aspirations of the household looking to enhance their homes. A unique feature of this fan helps adjust the canopy to the ceiling height variations.

The form has been designed to maintain consistent air delivery, a wider coverage area, and less power consumption. As a brushless DC electric motor fan, it is energy efficient and engineered to keep running costs low.

Users can choose between multiple dual-tone colour combinations for the fan blades and lamp. With smooth blade surfaces flowing into the lamp, cleaning the top surface is simple. The lamp is also a modular fitting that can be changed from the outside.

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