A tracking system for TATA MOTORS

Ticket Design develops a vehicle monitoring system for Tata Motors.

Tata Motors has launched an advanced vehicle tracking system in their Novus Heavy duty trucks now in Tata Prima World trucks.

This device is an advanced vehicle tracking system for Tata Prima World trucks and Novus Heavy duty trucks. Using this system a truck owner can track their trucks anywhere in India on a map from any internet connected computer. The device uses the global positioning satellite and the mobile phone network to achieve this.

The Challenge
Tata Motors has been the industry leader in the commercial vehicle segment in India. With the ever increasing communication and transport infrastructure and to meet the growing demand for online fleet management Tata Motors developed a working prototype of a tracking system.

The challenge for Ticket Design was to have the right fit between technology and the users to ensure a successful working product in the market that can compete internationally.

The Process
To ensure the most effective design solution, Ticket Design conducted extensive studies with truck drivers and fleet owners to understand their needs and requirements. From these studies, the interface, product packaging and feature parameters were explored and defined, establishing the foundation for preliminary concepts and sketches. The result was a product that is useful for the drivers as well as the fleet owners; a product that is easy to use for users with limited literacy and life saving in case of emergencies.

The Benefits
Trackit, as it is called by TATA Motors, has icon based controls for a intuitive user interface and simplified “yes- no” functionality. Trackit fits in the international DIN form factor, can be dash board mounted as well as ceiling mounted by way of a simple modular bracket. With this unique detail it caters to the retro-fitment market too. The product has been designed using engineering plastics and uses latest technologies of injection moulding mass production to achieve economy of scale.

The product is being rolled out on each Novus truck and is being received with great enthusiasm.

All subscribers to this tracking services can access their vehicle track and various other value added features online from this portal http://mytatavehicles.com

About Tata Motors I  Click here to read the press release from Tata Motors about the product 

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