Freshness all the time

Oxy-Gen Powered is the only technology that guarantees the delivery of fragrance in the air continuously, consistently and accurately for the entire duration of the chosen cartridge cycle of 30,60 or 90 days. This patented technology is based on a fuel cell technology that is used in the pharmaceutical industry to treat human beings and animals. It is not an aerosol system and does not have a fan or heater. Oxy-Gen Powered technology is simple, reliable and cost-effective.

All new  elegant and integrated design

Oxygen-Supreme’s new stylish design is perfect for each facility. Available in a range of colors and striking finishes with new two tone possibilities, the system will elevate the image of your washrooms, offices, reception areas, conference rooms and more.

Effective Fragrancing and Odor Control

The proprietary malodor eliminator which, unlike other systems that only mask odors, eliminates the odor causing molecules, leaving fresh fragrance in the air. Extremely effective against the smell of urine, feces, body odor, tobacco, kitchen odor, mold, mildew, and more

Eco-friendly& Safe

With no added VOCs, solvents, alcohols, propellants or CFCs, the Oxygen-Supreme cartridges contain 100% pure fragrance oil and are a safe choice for any facility. Since the cartridges are not pressurized containers, they are safe to transport and store.

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