Exide's power backup system for home

PowerBUS is a completely new Power Backup System meant for homes. India faces severe power problems in cities as well as rural areas. There are frequent power cuts affecting day to day activities. This product helps store power in a battery and makes it available when the main grid fails. The battery used is a robust Tubular Gel Battery which is maintenance free. PowerBUS is a very well integrated compact robust product. The product comes with unique removable portable lamp located right in the front. The lamp can be carried away in outdoor areas or used during power systems failure.

Integrated System- Battery and electronics designed to blend with each other 

Compact Configuration- Small Foot print, Plug and Play solution

Easy to maintain and handle – No acid, no spills, maintenance free by design, smart new emergency lamp

Modular Construction- Small for Smaller needs, Large for bigger houses, following the same design language

Safe and Ergonomic – Castors for easy movement, large intuitive user interface, zero maintenance


The design is a remarkable shift in the architecture from existing products, the battery & product is designed to be a complimentary. No longer one sees the ugly industrial battery and deals with the acid spills. A specially designed battery is housed in a smartly designed jacket which fits well with the PowerBUS unit. The battery was also designed for a proper interfacing with the PowerBUS power backup device. A smart new innovation resulting from deep user insights has been the need for a emergency lamp accessible quickly in case of power cuts. One doesnt need to search for the lamp, user can simply go to the PowerBUS and the lamp pops out with a gentle press. The lamp charges when placed back in its position

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