Application Oriented Design Research

We undertake deep investigative research for companies to uncover latent needs and design opportunities.

Our research is different from conventional market research. We focus on ethnography and tapping design potential during our 3L (Look. Listen and Live) research process. Our design researchers focus on identifying pain points and identifying new opportunities that can be converted into tangible design solutions. Our efforts are not to ask people objective questions but provoke them and get under their skin to find out how the user thinks, acts and discover irritants in accomplishing the task at hand. Cultural nuances and contextual factors open up new dimensions to business, design and technical problems.

Asking the right questions almost all the time take us into directions that we have never gone before. This eventually gives rise to new challenges, new opportunities and new breakthroughs for our clients. Based on our experience we believe that 50% of the solution of a problem lies in investigative design research and the other half in successful execution. Its not enough to merely identify an opportunity. Its important that both go in hand in hand for successful conversion of an idea into a well rounded workable solution. We strive for that and ready to go all the way for making it happen.

We offer strategic design research services that last as short as couple of weeks to deep countrywide research that can span over 3-6 months or longer depending on the scope of the research

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