IndiaStar Packaging Award

Wine Packaging designed by Ticket Design wins IndiaStar Packaging Award

Good Earth Winery produces India’s premium wines. Ticket Design worked with Good Earth Winery to create unique branding and packaging to position the wine as a desirable choice for a discerning wine consumer.


Packaging plays a major role in product branding and most consumer decisions are based on how the brand resonates with consumer lifestyle and choices. As a new entrant in the wine industry, Good Earth Winery needed special packaging to convey unique qualities of the wine.


The challenge was to create design diferentiation by clutter breaking design, create a distinct identity for the product. It was important that design enhanced the experience of purchase, carrying, storage and celebrate the fner aspects of the wines.


This is a special pack to carry Wine bottles. This pack also doubles up as a carry bag. The carrying rope is wound all round the pack ensuring that the pressure is not applied directly onto the board enabling full bearing of the load of a flled wine bottle in a paper package. When formed, the pack conforms to the shape of the bottle.

The package designed called for a refned visual language suggestive of an exquisite wine inside. Graphic design refects passion of the wine with swirling formation of the tagline of the brand, “always make your own music” The packs made with a single piece of piece of a developed board, printed on 250gsm folding Box Board & then matt laminated This package is stored fat for efcient transportation and storage. Unlike other alcohol packages, fat storage dramatically reduces volume thus saving energy and shipping cost. It is important for the wine to be maintained at a specifc temperature in a wine chiller. It uses only paper as a material for the main package along with a cotton string as a handle, The design incorporates an innovative structural design to form the eyecatching curvilinear shape, by way of unique creases and bends. The product has been well received and the package has bagged IndiaStar Award 2010 for demonstrating excellence in packaging design and innovation. The product has created its impact with its unique packaging among wine consumers and the trade.

Indiastar is a 38 year old National Award competition is considered one of the most coveted recognitions for India?s Packaging Design Community. This award was setup on behalf of Govt of India by Indian Institute of Packaging, representing India at Asian Packaging Federation (APF) and World Packaging Organisation (WPO) Judging was based on originality of design, visual appeal, cost efectiveness, eco-friendliness and convenience to users.