CII Design award presented for a central AC control design

A wireless central AC control system designed for Air conditioning major Blue Star Ltd has won the CII (Confideration of Indian Industries) Award for Industrial design excellence. This award was presented at Hyderabad at the CII National Design Summit on 5th Dec 2017.

The systems consists of an innovative Wireless Central AC Control Interface Device to control individual AC’s installed in a building. In a scenario say there are 50 AC’ s of different types that are installed in a building, individually controlling each AC and ensuring switch on and off and managing efficiency is a challenging task. Use of this beautiful interface device to control and interface not only saves energy, money, improving efficiency but also provides a never-before intuitive control interface for commercial users who otherwise have to manage AC’s manually. This can work with any iOS/ Android/ PC for controlling AC’s without using the internet.

The unique physical as well as digital interface brings about a sea change change in the usability of the controls making it more desirable and engaging for the user. The entire software has been programmed intelligently to handle a large amount system data coming for each air conditioner for better control and avoiding glitches. This software interface visual language and usability is now being extended to remote monitoring where all India data for any new air conditioner installed by the company can be controlled from one location thereby opening up a completely new business opportunity for maintenance and service of units enabling quick response even before the customer realises the problem.